Hugo Slim Dining Chair
This modern take on a Campaign Chair has been meticulously detailed for dining. The result is a workhorse piece of furniture with a light and nimble footprint. Hugo highlights both sides of a leather hide, adding a fresh layer of texture. A playful strap marries back to seat. Hugo Slim is designed with a sleeker profile, more appropriate for residential use. Available in a range of finishes, COM/COL, and customizable upon request, Hugo can sit anywhere.

d21.1 × w18 × h29.7 × sh18.3 in
d536 × w457 × h754 x sh465 mm

Natural Oak, Gray Oak, Dark Brown Oak, Onyx Oak, Natural Walnut, Soap Walnut

William Gray X Stellar Works
Years of observation of the increasingly symbiotic relationship between luxury residential and hospitality design led to an exploration of the Meyer Davis custom furniture archive. The William Gray furniture collection grew out of the distillation of this array of designs and an unearthing of archetypal qualities that were refined and reimagined as eclectic assemblages for dining and lounge. Each ménage reflects intelligent subtraction through intentional and elegant detailing. The final products are generous, engaging, sensual and stylish. Through the William Gray partnership with Stellar Works, bespoke capabilities and a global outlook are ingrained in each piece.