Wilds, Largo
Inspired by nature’s chance arrangements of endless varieties of flora, Wilds celebrates the joyful artistry of a flower’s delicate expressive details set within the wilderness of untouched landscapes. Seagrass sways in Largo's gentle ocean currents.

William Gray x Calico Wallpaper
Wilds combines a traditional floral wallcovering with an impressionistic style that captures the "wild" qualities of the natural landscapes we have personal connections to - from upstate New York, to Mexico, to the Mediterranean. A fluid and interpretive approach was used to capture the essence of flowers, through an immersion into the meditative experience of drawing. Working with pastels and charcoals and applying techniques of depth and distance, a composition was crafted out of loosely drawn lines and hatchings that evoke organic movement. The resulting design conveys a dynamic sense of ever-growing wildlife, grounded in a lush undergrowth and opening into delicate, airy petals.