Hoist Pendant Medium
The benchmark piece of our Hoist collection, this pendant is a true workhorse. The transitional nature of the shade, alongside the collection's innate flexibility creates a malleable product that feels at home within a wide range of styles. Beautiful as a singular piece, but enhanced as a sea of many, this pendant is available in hard-wired or plug-in configurations. Equally suited for indoor and outdoor use and customizable in a range of powder coat options.

h7 × d14 in / 5.3lb
h180 × d360 mm / 2.4kg

Cream White, Black, Gloss Blue, Vermilion

William Gray x Rich Brilliant Willing
The Hoist and Pilot families are versatile, adaptable, and smart – without sacrificing beauty. Appropriate for a multitude of end uses, and designed to anticipate typical installation hurdles, these collections are born of a shared desire to empower designers with elegant, solution-based pieces that build upon one another. Customizable stem lengths, an array of finish options, and attractive hardware creates these playful contemporary classics built for years of use.